If you’re involved in a land dispute, you need to find a professional who can help. A qualified surveyor can resurvey your property to determine whether or not your boundaries are correct. This helps prevent future conflicts with problem neighbors.

The surveying industry is regulated by professional institutions. These institutes set and enforce ethical standards and a license to practice.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys are a vital part of any property ownership. They provide an accurate record of the boundaries and limits of a property, which can be invaluable in avoiding disputes with neighbors.

A boundary survey consists of two important components: document research and field surveys. The former involves reviewing existing land records, such as title certificates and deeds, to determine the historic boundaries of a property.

The second component involves taking physical measurements of the site to create a record of these boundaries on the ground. The two sets of data are then compared to determine if there are any discrepancies.

In the case of a property line dispute, a boundary survey can be used as evidence to resolve the issue without involving a court. It can also be used to avoid future encroachments and conflict.

Property Line Disputes

The most frequent type of land dispute that occurs between neighbours is over the location of a boundary line. This can be an issue with a fence, driveway or other object.

Disputes over these can often be resolved by getting the correct boundary line marked out on your property and your neighbour’s by a licensed surveyor. This will allow you to know where the actual boundaries of your land are and what the legal rights are to that property.

A boundary dispute can be a huge problem as it can lead to liabilities and damage your property. This is why it’s important to make sure that you and your neighbour are talking openly about this before anything happens.

Usually boundary disputes can be settled through negotiations and mediation. However, if this doesn’t work you may need to take your matter to the Magistrates Court.

Title Disputes

Whether you’re purchasing property or selling it, having clear title to your land is essential. It ensures that you are the exclusive owner of the property, among other rights.

Getting your property title documented in the county clerk’s office is one of the best ways to avoid title disputes. It can prevent a variety of issues, including unrevealed property liens, deed errors, easements, and boundary disputes.

A title dispute can be a significant obstacle to real estate transactions, and can result in lost equity and damage to the value of a home. Having an experienced real estate lawyer on your side can help navigate these complex legal situations and prevent them from negatively impacting the outcome of a sale or purchase.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes are a common problem that property owners may encounter. These types of disputes can involve issues relating to land boundaries, property transfers and more.

When it comes to dealing with these issues, you should seek the help of experienced Surveyors in Adelaide. The best ones can help you to understand whether you have a case or not.

These types of disputes can often be resolved through discussion, negotiation or mediation. These processes are quicker and less costly than launching proceedings in court.